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Special oil-well cement systems


One of the ways to improve the quality of oil and gas well casing cementing is the development and application of the multi-component oil-well solutions with special technological and functional characteristics.

In this regard OOO ""Granula" in association with OOO "TyumenNIIgiprogaz" have developed a wide range of the unified compositions of the oil-well mixtures with special functional and technological characteristics in addition to the standard oil-well cements under GOST; these special oil-well mixtures are stable and can enhance the homogeneity of the stone structure, the degree of annular impermeability, improve the strength and bond characteristics, adjust the main process characteristics of the oil-well cement solution in accordance with the requirements (thickening time, setting time, water losses etc.) in accordance with conditions of cementing.

More detailed information on the special cement brands can be found in the website of "SpetsCementService", a part of OOO "Granula" Group, by clicking on this link.

Special oil-well cement mixtures

under Technical Specifications: 

Heavy weight oil-well portland cement 

under GOST 1581-96: 



- ЦТОС-3-СО-50

- ЦТОС-5-80


- ЦТРО  




- ГранЦем

- СеmFrost

- Termolight



- ПЦТ III -об-4-50 (100)

- ПЦТ III- об-5-50 (100)

- ПЦТ III- об-6-50 (100)

- ПЦТ III УТ-0-100

- ПЦТ III УТ-1-100

- ПЦТ III УТ-2-100

- ПЦТ III УТ-3-100






-  Powder buffer mixtures (PBM)