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"Granulight" Microspheres

On 15 February, 2016 OOO Granula has successfully and fully registered Microspheres (Cenospheres) in the REACH system

Granula Company produces diverse microsphere brands with various qualitative characteristics pursuant to application fields.

Under a license our company performs a full complex of microspheres recovery, separation, stabilisation and selection in accordance with possible fields of application.

Our technique allows to modify products according to customer needs.

Granula Company is a unique enterprise which has its own operations support facilities with a full-cycle: from raw materials recovery and selection with a complete refining to documented systems of management and quality control at all stages of technological cycle.  

Patented procedure of microspheres recovery and original production process of their enrichment by dehydration, removing impurities, drying, air separation and sizing on screen shakers allows to produce microsphere brands classified by diverse physicochemical properties - Granulight Microspheres.

Together with industry research centers and the Ural Federal University Granula Company has developed and coordinated technical specifications ТУ 5712-010-80338612-2008 (replacing ТУ 5712-001-49558624-2003) for Microsphere production technique of the following brands: